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A list of the Acts and Regulations which govern the funeral directing and embalming professions.

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Funeral Arranging & Directing Certificate at NSCC

NSCC Funeral Directing and Arranging Program:
Develop the essential skills you need to serve clients and families while apprenticing as a funeral director.
Program overview:
This online program is for funeral director apprentices, in Atlantic Canada, who are registered as such, with their respective Provincial Licensing Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. This certificate is only available to students apprenticing in provinces where funeral directors and embalmers are licensed separately (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland).
You study the theory and develop the essential skills you need to serve client families, while apprenticing as a funeral director. All program courses are delivered online and you may participate in workshops and fieldtrips organized by the campus.
Admission Requirements:
High School Graduation Diploma or equivalent.
A valid driver's license.
Funeral Home Apprenticeship
Applicants who have not obtained an apprenticeship with a funeral home prior to beginning the program will be requested to take part in a Work/Volunteer Observation Experience. This requires participation in a minimum of 5 funeral home cases in a funeral home under a licensed funeral director. Before applicants approach a funeral home to set up the Work/Volunteer Observation Experience, NSCC Admissions will provide the required documentation.
Applicants who have obtained an apprenticeship with a funeral home prior to beginning the program are required to submit a letter of recommendation from the funeral home in support of the application to NSCC Admissions. This letter should outline the applicant's work experience and participation at the funeral home and confirm that the applicant will serve his or her apprenticeship with that funeral home.
Program Requirements
Additional program requirements include a criminal record check, immunizations and first aid, and are required for Health & Human Services Programs. Details are provided with your acceptance notification - Health & Human Services Additional Program Requirements (24 KB)