Acts & Regulations

A list of the Acts and Regulations which govern the funeral directing and embalming professions.

Applications and professional information

All professional information and forms can now be reviewed and downloaded on this web site. If you have any problems, please contact the office.

CEC Information

Please see our list of pre-approved continuing education credits, including courses available on-line.


Important information and resources for funeral professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Education Committee

Education Committee:
Chair;  Elizabeth Alguire (Funeral Director and Embalmer)
FSANS Representative: Glenda Cole (Funeral Director)
Lisa Smith (Funeral Director and Embalmer)
Kollin Weatherbee (Funeral Director and Embalmer)
Robert Sandeski (Funeral Director and Embalmer, Dalhousie University Human Body Donation Program)
*See Section 16 (C) of the Embalmers and Funeral Directors Regulations
Note: Anyone interested in sitting on the Education Committee, when a seat becomes available, can complete our online application form