Acts & Regulations

A list of the Acts and Regulations which govern the funeral directing and embalming professions.

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All professional information and forms can now be reviewed and downloaded on this web site. If you have any problems, please contact the office.

CEC Information

Please see our list of pre-approved continuing education credits, including courses available on-line.


Important information and resources for funeral professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

For Funeral Professionals

Funeral Directors are appointed Division Registrars of Death under the Vital Statistics Act. As Division Registrars, they assume the responsibility for certain activities when someone dies and is entrusted to their care. For example, the Funeral Director is responsible to obtain a Medical Certificate of Death and to collect personal information to complete the Death Registration form and issue a Burial Permit.
Licensing Registration
Division Registrator for Death must hold a valid Funeral Directors License issued by the Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and approved by the N.S. Deputy Registrar General for Vital Statistics. 
Please visit Access Nova Scotia's Funeral Director License page for more information on being a licensed funeral director in Nova Scotia.
Continuing Education Credits
We have provided a list of requirements for each person's funeral director and embalmer's license.
Sponsoring a Seminar for Continuing Education Credits
If sponsoring a seminar, it must be submitted to the Education Committee for approval, 30 days prior to the event; this will give the Education Committee time to review ans also time to give notice, to the licensees.
Approved Continuing Education Credits
Pre-approved courses and credit values for funeral professionals
Our review of provincial requirements, will add depth to your understanding of funeral service as a career option.
Failure to Renew License
Where a person has previously held a Nova Scotia funeral director's license which has lapsed for...
Acts & Regulations
We have provided a list of acts and regulations.
Upcoming Events
In addition to the annual convention, the association sponsors a variety of events. Check this calendar of upcoming seminars, webinars, or other learning opportunities held throughout the year.
Process for Human Body Donation
We have provided information on the process of human body donation.
Board of registration of embalmers and funeral directors for the province of Nova Scotia by-laws.
Licensed Directors and Embalmers
View or download the Licensed Embalmers or Funeral Directors form.
License Transfer From Another Jurisdiction
How to go about transferring your license from another jurisdiction outside of the Province of Nova Scotia.
Transferring to Another Jurisdiction Outside of Nova Scotia
Please download Consent for Letter of Good Standing document and send it the Board Administrator to share information with your requested licensing body.
We have provided the breakdown of our current policies.